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Condition While You Work

Ok, this is the deal for me, I seem to stay busy doing stuff ! My hair shows me the ultimate expression of gratitude when I deep conditionit. It behaves better & is less frizzy! Deep conditioning takes time! My solution, quite simple & something I’ve doing all my adult life, “Multi-task!” Wash in the morning. Add my favorite run of the mill conditioner, which at the moment happens to be  Garnier Curl Nourish! Btw…It’s light, smells good & provides my hair with defined curls & shine!  The end result is amazing, strong but soft hair 

*Note: THIS IS NOT A LEAVE IN & must be rinsed out at the end of your day!

So…I wash my  hair first thing in the morning. Then soak it in conditioner, avoiding my scalp, separate, detangle and shake several times. Then off to work!  By noon it’s almost dry & my coils have formed.  If you don’t mind shrinkage during the process this method you will like. 

  • Don’t put the conditioner on your scalp! Try as much as possible to target the ends of your hair 
  • Read the ingredient list and if you are a no shampoo person, avoid silicones in the top 5 list of your conditioner. If you shampoo, then no worries here.
  • Pick a conditioner without proteins. If left in more than the recommended time, protein conditioners can cause your hair to become brittle & break. I personally, never use protein. My hair hates it!
  • Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly on your before retiring to bed. BENEFIT-Easy way to deep condition monthly or when your hair feels dry, while keeping it moving! 

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