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Diary of A Mad Product Junkie

Hi. My name is Karen AND I’m addicted to natural hair products! Well, recovered & now backslider 😞  Now your turn, “Hello Karen. Welcome.”  I speak the response on your behalf because, I’m pretty certain, that some of you are, have been or will at some point during your natural hair excursion, will become a “Natural Hair Junkie!” For most, I believe the obsession happens so seamlessly, that most don’t even know what hit them until they open a box or closet one day and it all comes tumbling down on you!

For me, it started in the aisles of beauty supply stores & discount stores, where I once spent many hours browsing bottles and ingredients on the back. Next the blogs, CurlBox and before I knew it, my linen closet was filled with more hair products than linen!

In the middle of my madness and my husband’s nag fest, I let most of it go!  Then my daughter decided to plunge into the natural hair movement! Her excitement for all things “Natural” and blog obsession had me back in the aisles. But this time with a different purpose!  Time, experimentation and a better understanding of my hair has me searching for different reasons. My hair likes different products as the seasons change. For instance, in summer, it prefers more glycerin on humid days and water based products on drier summer days. As for styling in summer, nothing but gel will hold my hair! During the winter months, my hair craves creamy products! Never gel for styling when it’s cold!

Nowadays, I look for sample products if trying a product for the first time!  If samples aren’t available in the brick & mortar stores, I go online. Many companies  even will send you free samples!  We keep our products for 6 mos before we decide to trash or give away something that we feel isn’t working.  Another thing I’ve learned about my hair, is this…its needs and texture sometimes changes, thus does the needs need for different products!

Yes, I’m a product junkie, with good reason! New & improved never hurt nobody!

What’s in your closet? Do tell!



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