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Then This Came Alongside

I haven’t written a blog in a LONNNG TIME, but today I had to take a second to share these new two little 💎s I found. After all, sharing is caring! Camille Rose’s Leave-in line is EVERYTHING! I cut my hair last spring & was starting not to like it so much lately. Thinking bout growing it out some. The shorter my hair is the nappier (no I don’t mind nappy) & drier ( I hate dry hate dry) it becomes! THEN I ran upon Camille Rose’s Leave-in line. She never disappoints! There are three products in this line, but I opted to only try these two because the third was a oil & I adore my coconut oil. These two alone, made me fall in love with my short hair all over again! They left my hair moisturized, shiny, defined & smelling delicious enough to eat! My hair feels loved again!!!

I know many of us complain about the dryness of Natural Hair…sooo….I Thought I’d share! It’s too good not too!

Peace & Blessings!

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