All success stories started as a dream and an unrelenting belief in something, fueled by passion!  An idea that some folks, somewhere in the world has been waiting for! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending two cool events that started as a visionary dream!
It is evident that Etta & Jennifer Thomas’s entrepreneurial spirit & love for all things natural & beautiful, has sparked Naturally Fly Detroit! Not only have they fulfilled a void that has brought black women together to share, cultivate, teach and inspire one another, but more importantly, the how-to(s) of AU NATUTREL hair!  Their passion has created smoke in the city and ignited a movement in Detroit and the surrounding areas, proving “going natural” is not a trend, but a lifestyle!

img_8185      img_8129  img_8174
Their annual natural hair Meetup this past weekend did not disappoint! The the theme, “Naturally Fly Detroit, Presents We Rock Dope Hair,” was just that, DOPE & FLY hunty!

Sista-friends came from near & far to support & love on each other ❤️!

img_8175  img_8087   img_8093

img_8117  img_8097   img_8186

Vendors took to the open-air market with unique fix my hair products, adorn my body jewelry, hip sartorial & smell good potions to awaken senses!

img_8089    img_8180


If you missed out this year, there’s always next year.  Stay abreast on the latest Fly events at: http://www.naturallyflydetroit.com

Love. Support and Build together!







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